Kitchener-Waterloo Newborn Photographer

Kitchener-Waterloo Newborn Photographer | This little guy was only 4 days new and was born just in time to celebrate his first Christmas this year with his family. Take a look at a few of my faves from our recent newborn session at my in home studio in Kitchener, ON.

Kitchener Newborn Photographer

Kitchener Newborn Photography | Our newborn babies don't stay little for long, so this digital collage of their tiny details is a favourite of mine, which is now included for free with any newborn session. Take a look:

Kitchener Newborn Photography Session

Kitchener Newborn Photographer | This past Friday, at my home studio, I had the tiniest visitor. She was born early and is still a premie, weighing just over 5lbs today. When mom said she loved Christmas setups, I was super excited because I just purchased the cutest little Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer hat.  Here are just a few of my faves from our session.

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Kitchener Newborn Photography Session

Kitchener Newborn Photography |  I had the pleasure of photographing this adorable newborn boy, at 5 days old, weighing a whopping 11lbs, 4oz! This sweet boy slept like an angel during his newborn session, which was purchased as a surprise maternity gift from his mom's coworkers. Mom couldn't express her gratefulness enough to her sweet coworkers who collected the money to buy her this lovely newborn session. Here are just a few of my favourites from our sesssion..... 

Kitchener Lifestyle Newborn Session

Today I was invited to a client's home, to photograph her family, in their environment in a lifestyle newborn photography session. Rather than posed newborn photos, I love to capture the relationship between the new baby and his parents and siblings. Clients love to incorporate any special family quilts, heirlooms or baby blankets that you would like to use in the photos, and this family was no exception. Mom is such a talented lady, she made her new baby boy's quilt, pillow cases and bedding in his nursery. Here are just a few of my favourites from our 

Newborn Workshop with Stephanie Robin

Kitchener-Waterloo Newborn Photographer | Happy Newborn Safety Week!
Recently, I did a newborn workshop with Stephanie Robin, to learn how to do a very trendy pose, the Potato Pose. I have taken several workshops to learn to pose newborns properly and most of all SAFELY. Many of the poses and images taken in newborn photography are composite images (2 or more images photoshopped together to create the final image, or editing a supporting hand out of a photograph).
Too often, I have seen videos or behind the scenes photos on this pose where the newborn is completely unsupported and balancing themselves. The Potato Pose should ALWAYS be photographed as a composite image and the safety of a newborn should NEVER be put before that of a pretty photograph.
Please share this important information with your friends and family....spread awareness to prevent these situations from occurring. 

Kitchener Newborn Photography Session

Kitchener Newborn Photography | This beautiful family was so much fun to photograph. Their little princess came wide awake to her first photo session, which worked out perfectly since I start with family poses first and let mom and dad relax while baby sleeps through the second half of the photos of baby only poses.  Midway through her family photos, she fell asleep and slept like an angel.  Here are a few of my favourites from this session.

Kitchener Maternity Photo Session

Kitchener-Waterloo Maternity Photographer | This beautiful momma-to-be came to my home studio and did a few individual baby bump poses to have as a lovely keepsake of her first pregnancy. I just love the glow of a pregnant women....seriously nothing more gorgeous. Take a look....