Newborn Froggy Pose | Kitchener Newborn Photographer

A newborn baby's head is a third of their entire weight, which is very heavy. Not only that, a baby has no control of their neck muscles, which means that if you allow a baby's head to flop too sharply in any direction you COULD cause great harm to the delicate structures inside, like the esophagus and windpipe. 
For that reason, I photograph the 'froggy pose' as a composite image. Which is 2 or more images combined, to make 1 final image. You can see mom's hands here in the top images, safely supporting her son's head. 

Newborn Photography | Heidi Glibota Photography

This lovely family came for their studio Newborn Session on their son's due date, even though he was already over 2 weeks new! His family are huge sports fans, so we had fun incorporating that into our session together. Here are a few of my faves from our session....

Smash Cake Session | Kitchener-Waterloo Photography

One of my most favourite sessions to photograph, is the 1st Birthday Smash Cake.....ESPECIALLY, when the baby really destroys their cake.  This little man had turned 1, a week before his session. He didn't really take to the cake and there were a few tears in the beginning, UNTIL mom showed him the way...then his cake didn't have a chance! Here are a few images from his session....